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Muqarnas, Volume 18
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Editorial Board: Ali Asani, William Graham, Wolfhart Heinrichs, Cemal Kafadar, Roy Mottahedeh, Nasser Rabbat, David Roxburgh, Wheeler Thackston, lrene Winter Advisory board: Catherine Asher, Marianne Barrucand, lk] Bates, Irene Bierman, Sheila S. Blair, Jonathan BIoom, Zeynep Gelik, Howard Crane, Giovanni Curatola, Walter Denny, Jerrilynn Dodds, Massumeh Farhad, Heinz Gaube, Lisa Golombek, Robert Hillenbrand, Renata Holod, Stephen Humphreys, Machiel Kiel, Nuha Khoury, Thomas Leisten, R.D. McChesney, Bemard O'Kane, J. Michael Rogers, Priscilla Soucek, Maria Subtelny, Anthony Welch Note to Contributors: 'Muqamas will consider for publication articles on all aspects of Islamic visual culture, historical and contemporary. Articles submitted for publication are subject to review by the editors and/or outside readers. Manuscripts should be no more than 40 double-spaced typed pages of text (not including endnotes) and have no more than 15-20 illustrations (both graphics and black-and-white glossy photographs; colour prints or slides are not acceptable). Exceptions can be made for articles dealing with unpublished visual or textual primary sources, but if they are particularly long, they may be divided into two or more parts for publication in successive volumes. . Both text and endnotes must be double-spaced; endnotes should conform to the usage of the Chicago Manual of Style. Illustrations should be labelled and accompanied by a double-spaced caption list. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted illustrations and for supplying the proper credit-line information. For the transliteration of Arabic and Persian, Muqamas uses the Encyclopaedia ofIslam system, but with the omission of subscript bars and the substitution of q for ~ and j for dj; for Ottoman Turkish, authors are given the choice of the EI system or modern Turkish orthography. All transliterated words and phrases in the text and transliterated author's

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